client testimonials 1“Great job by four nice guys (2 from my Sunday School class at First Frisco UMC)!  Did extra work – vacuumed and moved chairs.  Very pleased!”

I appreciate your Helpers so much!  They were real Christian gentlemen and they knew exactly what and how to do their job.  Thank you so much.  My house is a lot happier now.  My dog, Holly, liked them too.”

The guys did a very good job changing batteries in our smoke alarm.  So grateful to know they are here have for us.  It’s truly a blessing.  Thanks again, ever so much and God bless.”

It is such a pleasure to be able to call someone that I know has my best interests at heart.”client testimonials 2

Two very professional and pleasant gentlemen came and changed the ‘flapper’ on my bathroom stool.  They were here right when they said they would come.  I really appreciate this trustworthy service.  Thank you so much.”

“What a wonderful experience having repair men come into your home knowing they can be trusted and knowing what they can do.  They were very efficient and nice, friendly, and trustworthy.  Thank you for a job well done.”

Wow!  This was such a treat!  My husband has been thinking of grab bars in the master bathroom for quite some time and I wasn’t even aware of the need.  Also, our smoke alarms are a pain!  We took one down the last time it shrieked in the middle of the night, but my husband shouldn’t be on a ladder.  Four men arrived and put  up 3 grab bars and a new smoke/co detector and were so happy to be helping. My husband told them jokes and felt much better about asking them to come because they were so nice.”